Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SN-R-G is having an awesome giveaway!

I'm having a giveaway in ReesasFavorites, my Etsy shop for doll clothes. And I'm of course interested in other people's giveaways too!

I found out about a wonderful giveaway by SN-R-G! I entered it myself so although I am hoping to be the winner, I will still generously share the information with you. LOL That's just the kind of person I am. And besides, I get an extra entry for blogging about it! ☺

Go to to find out how to enter the drawing. You can win a child's shirt or onesie. The contest ends on February 15 at midnight and is open in the U.S.

I wonder which design and color will be your favorite? I picked the music design in a pink onesie. My baby granddaughter would look smashing in that, and it would be especially appropriate since both her parents play guitar. She loves for her dad to play for her, and she is allowed to strum the strings. She is 8 months old and will already "dance" and "sing."

Anyway, there are several different ways for you to enter SN-R-G's giveaway so go on over and find out how.


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