Thursday, April 2, 2009

Now THIS is customer service!

I ordered a custom made headband and bow for my baby granddaughter from an shop called VerySweetBows. This was requested by my very picky daughter-in-law, so that was a compliment to the items there in the first place.

I read that the shop owner had some health issues, so I just asked her when the headband would be coming. I received an answer right away and she explained that the headband had been mailed 2 weeks ago. I thought well, maybe it would show up eventually.

But NO, letting me wait was not in the plans of Fagan of VerySweetBows! Here is a part of what she wrote back to me:

I have re-made your headband/bow set and it will go out today via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. I just ask that if the first order shows up please refuse it so that it comes back to me. My appologies for your inconvenience and I hope that you enjoy your bow when it arrives. Kind regards Fagan

Now, THAT is customer service!

So if you are looking for a place to buy all kinds of cute things for your girl, at the right price, and you know you are going to be treated right, go to VerySweetBows!

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